This page is dedicated to the creator – ME! :x

Hi. My name is Andy, and obviously, I created this blog. So what do you want to know about me? Let’s see. Hmm. I’ll just do a Q&A thing then.

1. When, Where and Why did you create this blog?

Well, to tell you the truth, I was bored one Friday afternoon. My classes ended around 10:30 and I instantly went home. Nobody was around the house (except for my mom who was doing laundry). With nothing to do, I went back to being a fangirl (evidence of that in my other blog here ), when I suddenly remembered the assignment I gave to my students (yes, I’m an instructor) regarding blogging. Being so bored, I went ahead and created a new blog. I was thinking of a theme when realized how much of a worrier I am. So, I wanted to express my worries into words. Thus, here we are.

2. What do you worry about? Are you stressed?

I worry about a lot of things, but no, I am not stressed at all. I am a very detail-oriented person, so I think about a lot of things a lot. Despite thinking a lot, I do not stress myself out. I just like thinking because it keeps my brain functioning clearly. I like speculating. I like critical thinking a lot. In a way, you can say I over-think a lot. There’s just a lot of things I see around me everyday and I like probing into it. I am one curious bunny. :x

3. Why did you name the blog The Worried Bunny? You’re not a bunny, are you?

I do not think I’m a bunny, no. I named the blog The Worried Bunny because a)It’s about worrying (duh!), and b)I love bunnies (which has no connection to worrying whatsoever; I just really love them).

Okay, Top Three FAQs answered. Now, let’s move on. I’ll do a listing of very random stuff about myself. If you want to know anything else, leave a comment. :D

WARNING: Very looooonnnnnngggggg post. Would take you forever to finish reading.

One. I am the eldest, but I’m not that old just yet. I wish someone would give me a Miffy cake before I die.

(Photo Courtesy of

Two. I work as an English University Instructor. I mainly teach research writing and oral communication. I don’t love my job so much, but I don’t hate it either.

Three.I am a totally random person. Like totally random.

Four. I love East Asian music (KPop, JPop, Anime). My favorite KPop group is After School. My favorite JPop singer is Maaya Sakamoto. My favorite Anime group is Scandal.

(Photo courtesy of

Five.I also love classical music. My favorite one is Bach’s Minuet in G Major (1min 30 sec of heaven!)

Six. I get sleepy when I listen to ROCK music (Linkin’ Park, Good Charlotte, etc)

Seven.I collect bunny items. (I have a stash of Bunny pens and pencils, tape holder, notebooks, bookmarks, post-its, etc) I am still collecting.

My Miffies

Eight. I watch a lot of Youtube videos, and I subscribe to channel owners a lot too. My subscriptions are totally random – dance cover channels, make-up gurus, comedy stuff, crochet, paper folding, etc.

Nine.I always look up the sky to look at the clouds or the stars. (see how random I can be?) I count the stars I can see, and I imagine animals with clouds.

Ten. I love bright and light colors. My favorite is blue. My favorite shade is this blue-green. I think it’s called Teal.


Eleven.I have never drank beer in my entire life. My closest alcohol experience is when I disinfect my hands.

Twelve. I never had a boyfriend before, and I don’t crush on guys all the time (like most girls I know). I do not think anything is wrong with not having a boyfriend at my age.

Thirteen. Many people said I look like a foreigner, somewhat Japanese or Korean looking according to them. I am not, however, Japanese or Korean.

Fourteen. I hate it when a radio station cuts the song at the almost end.

Fifteen. I can watch movies or TV series all day and won’t get hungry or tired. I once watched 4 seasons of Ghost Whisperer. My mom got mad.

Sixteen. I can finish a series of 16 (almost 1-hour each) episode overnight from 4PM to 6AM, then sleep. Then wake up at 8AM the same day without feeling sleepy.

Seventeen.  I love watching anime. It started when I was 7 or 8 with the shounen Anime BTX.

(Photo courtesy of

Eighteen. I do not know why, but no matter how much post-its I own, I end up buying more. I only buy the cute ones. It’s like a collection.

Nineteen. I don’t like roses. Never liked them. Love sunflowers!

Twenty.My favorite skittle is the lemon one.

(Photo courtesy of


Twenty-one. Like most girls, I love make-up.

Twenty-two.Unlike most girls, I don’t do make-up to be pretty. I use it as a form of expression.

Twenty-three.I love mangoes and strawberries (actual fruit and on ice cream), but I do not enjoy mango-flavored and strawberry-flavored foods. Eeeeeekkkkk!

(Photo courtesy of

Twenty-four.I write OMG a lot, and I say What the heck? a lot.

Twenty-five.I want to take lessons on any musical instrument, but if I had to really choose one, I’d choose piano.

Twenty-six. I don’t play any instrument, but I can sing. I tried alto, soprano, first voice and even bass before.

Twenty-seven. I like wearing neutral colors (especially black and brown).

Twenty-eight. Purple blush-on is my best friend.

Photo courtesy of

Twenty-nine.I have no best friend. I do have a lot of friends.

Thirty.I am a self-confessed introvert.


Thirty-one. I love looking at heels. I don’t like wearing them though.

(Photo courtesy of

Thirty-two. My preferred weather is cloudy without any drizzling.

Thirty-three. I use colored pens. I usually own just one black pen.

(Photo courtesy of

Thirty-four. My dream is to be a costume and make-up designer for a fantasy theatre production.

Thirty-five. I want to own a cake shop.

Thirty-six. Unlike most women, I do not want to go to Paris that badly. I want to go to Macau that badly.

Thirty-seven. I don’t like following trends (fashion, games, technology, expressions, etc)

Thirty-eight. Unlike most girls, I do not mind not getting married. I like myself too much to be not with myself.

Thirty-nine. This is the number I use the most. It has something to do with my high school life I think.

Forty. Banking and financial matters always confuse me, even if Math was my favorite subject in High school.


Forty-one. I wish to live in the Victorian era. I am very much Victorian in many ways.

Forty-two. I like food art. Japanese lunch boxes are like art forms to me.

(Photo coutesy of

Forty-three. I like being a student. If only I could, I would be one forever.

Forty-four. I am a paradox in human form. I am undecided about a lot of things.

Forty-five. I hate physics. I hate it forever. I hate it so badly I don’t want to talk about it.

Forty-six. I rarely drink coffee. I never drink coffee when I had been up all night because I will feel like crap the rest of the day.

Forty-seven. I was forced to drink an energy drink for the last showing of a play. I do not drink that kind of stuff.

Forty-eight. My favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have never read the book though. One factor to me liking this movie is the fact that Orlando Bloom plays an elf.

Photo courtesy of

Forty-nine. I like books for children and teenagers than books for adults. My favorite book is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and practically anything C.S. Lewis wrote.

Photo courtesy of

Fifty. Spicy foods make me hungry, but I can’t take very spicy foods.


Fifty-one. My favorite GBA game is the Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It’s so incredible, I think I have played the whole series at least four or five times.

Photo courtesy of

Fifty-two. I am Bathmophobic. I am sometimes Claustrophobic.

Fifty-three. I cried when my brother used one of the limited edition Tarzan sticker that I kept for two years. He used it on our water dispenser and I could not take it out.

Fifty-four. I used to have a huge collection of stationery.

Fifty-five. I also used to have a huge collection of watches. Now I only use one or two.

Fifty-six. I don’t like bracelets. Necklaces are fine, rings I love, and earrings are the best! :D

Fifty-seven. I am allergic to grass. Sometimes, I am allergic to milk too.

Photo courtesy of

Fifty-eight. My favorite author is C.S. Lewis.

Fifty-nine. I can be very stingy, but I can spend a lot if I want to.

Sixty. I am very much a clean-freak like my mom.


Sixty-one. I always read almost half of the Yahoo! News collection.

Sixty-two. I sometimes cry to sad music.

Sixty-three. I don’t like peeling onions.

Photo courtesy of

Sixty-four. I wish I had better skin.

Sixty-five. I look so much like my dad. Okay, now ask him why I look Japanese or Korean to you.

Sixty-six. I don’t usually look people in the eyes when I am talking with them, except for people I feel are superior than me, and people I am very comfortable with (very few, like 6 or so).

Sixty-seven. When I eat fries, I am happy. After which, I become depressed. (It’s not very healthy!)

Photo courtesy of

Sixty-eight. I absolutely hate it when salesladies from the mall judge me by the way I dress. When I dress very comfortably (jeans, shirt, flipflops, no make-up, sometimes no jewelry at all), some salesladies follow me like any minute I would steal something. Excuse me, I can pay for what I want.

Sixty-nine. Facebook bores me. That’s why I just leave it open when I do something on the internet. I do nothing with it.

Seventy. I developed asthma when I began attending college.


Seventy-one. I do not do sports. I do like watching women’s tennis. Sometimes I even watch UFC with my dad. Figure skating is a sport that I almost always anticipate. Michelle Kwan is so beautiful.

Photo courtesy of

Seventy-two. I do not believe in fairy tales. The original fairy tales are horrible. The ones Disney made are revised to sound good. The real ones are really gruesome.

Seventy-three. I sometimes talk to myself in Japanese.

Seventy-four. Since I do love bunnies, I sleep with my smallest bunny every night. Miffy! :x

Seventy-five. I once counted my age in days. I followed Leeteuk of Super Junior’s celebration of his 10,000th day.

Photo courtesy of

Seventy-six. I like eating alone, because I can think and write that way.

Seventy-seven. Spongebob Squarepants is like an anti-depressant thing for me.

Seventy-eight. I am both patient and impatient. I am patient when it comes to most people. I am impatient when it comes to services and products I am using.

Seventy-nine. My creative side is expressed not only in writing, but in scrapbooking as well. I love doing create collages, and I have created a lot of stage designs before.

Eighty. Cramming is my best skill. Heehee. :D


Eighty-one. I have never been to a concert. Someone, please take me.

Eighty-two. I have confidence issues, and it stems from my bad elementary experiences. I think it’s also the reason why I am so competitive. I always want to show people that I can be the best.

Eighty-three. I want to own a cat that looks like Ryoma Echizen’s (Prince of Tennis) cat. I might name him the same name too. Karupin!

Eighty-four. Johhny Depp is my all-time favorite actor (whether it’s the crazy Jack Sparrow in the Pirates series or the very normal Gene Watson in “In the Nick of Time”). Plus, he’s so handsome!

Photo courtesy of

Eighty-five. I adore Neil Patrick Harris. He is the reason why I watch How I Met Your Mother. If he is replaced, I am never watching that series again. EVER.

Photo courtesy of

Eighty-six. When I was 8, I memorized the multiplication with my dad. I was so scared of him.

Eighty-seven. I had a head accident when I was five, which my parents believe was the reason why I became smart.

Eighty-eight. I have a lot of pink stuff, but pink is actually my least favorite color.

Eighty-nine. CATS is my favorite musical.

Photo courtesy of

Ninety. I am scared of travelling because I feel someone’s going to rob me.


Ninety-one. I love walking alone, especially if the pathway’s full of lush green trees in the early morning.

Ninety-two. If I could erase one point in my life, I would probably erase my whole high school life. I did a lot of mistakes. That’s high school for you.

Ninety-three. If I could get a tattoo (too scared not of the needle but of my mom) I would get a star tattoo on my wrist.

Ninety-four. I don’t like perfumes a lot. I kind of stick to body mists and cologne. I used to not wear perfume or cologne when I was in college.

Ninety-five. I notice people’s grammar a lot. It’s rude but I edit what they say on my mind right then and there.

Ninety-six. I want to do a cosplay before I die. I want a serious one. Something like Tifa Lockhart or Hatsune Miku would be nice and cool. :D

Ninety-seven. I absolutely hate pointless arguments. I do love arguing with intelligent people.

Ninety-eight. I study dance steps in the hopes of using them one day.

Ninety-nine. I am vain. I love taking pictures of myself. I don’t photoshop though, because I am too lazy.

One hundred. I found it hard to answer one hundred facts, but I would not mind doing it again another time.

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