Life Today: Election 2013

Unlike the drama I saw on TV today, my voting time was.. boring.


I had already listed the candidates I would be voting for before we headed out so I was carrying with me a small parchment containing their names. I had their names memorized in my head though just in case I lose the copy (I’m clumsy like that).

My brother, who was a first-time voter, had trouble finding his name. We headed out at 6:30 and finished around 7:30 am but my brother was not able to vote. He was able to vote in the afternoon. His name was all mixed up in a different precint from the one listed on his stub (no surprises here).


I saw the partial counts on the evening news. I knew people are (SORRY for saying this) stupid. They clearly did not do their research. I spent two days doing mine and there is no way you would be voting for certain candidates if you saw their profile and their platforms.

I hate to say this but I think people never learn. I would expect more turmoil in the country in the next three years.


Someone bought my vote yesterday. My mom accepted the money, and that’s okay but I did not vote for her. Hmm. Dumb candidate. I take yerr money. You get nothing from me. Mwehehehehehehe~

The stupid indelible ink is almost gone. I put some stinky acetone on it.

WOTW: PLDT’s Annoying Service

I promised to rant in the blog again, so here I am.



The thing that keeps my migraine all week-long is PLDT MyDSL’s very bad internet service. Don’t get me wrong. Their customer service is really nice, but it is not making me happy to have called at least once every week to fix very bad connections.

I may not be in a position to complain (my dad is currently paying because I am living a frugal life in case something happens in June), but I am freelancing more this summer so I am really annoyed.

Like I said, I called three times already. The first one was for having no internet connection for a day (this is really bad if you work online). The second was for having 1MBPS speed when your subscription is 2.5MBPS. This morning I called in again after an embarrassing class with a Korean student (via Skype) got cut off.

I am quite pissed. I even wrote a letter to customer service. It was a decent but aggressive letter stating my disappointment. I got a sort of “general” response. You guys get what I am saying? It’s when someone responds and it seems like this letter was sent to other people with the same complaints and they just edited your name to make it seem personal.

Anyways, I am so looking forward to the internet connection in Singapore. I hear they’re simply awesome. Almost at par with S. Korea, eh?

Andy :3

I Miss Ranting

I miss ranting. I tried to stop by shutting this blog down, but it’s really stressful when you are not able to release all the worries in your head.

So yeah, I am re-launching this blog after one year.

Freeday Friday: Busy But Not So Busy Week?

It’s Friday! (cue Rebecca Black song and me stabbing her). Just kidding.

So, this week was not so busy when it came to work. I went to school twice. I went to work last Monday for a mandatory proctoring. I felt quite great about it because I was seriously watching students as they took their exams. Unlike the past times, I intended to not move my eyes away for a second so nobody would have the chance to cheat.

Quite frankly, I think the students got a little irritated. I was eyeing everybody, and constantly making warning to people I saw who where trying to ask from their seatmates or sneaking a peek into another’s paper. When you’re in front, you can actually see that. 

Tuesday and Wednesday went by without me noticing. I did the usual things I did whenever I get days off – I read and watch manga and anime to my heart’s content. 

I went back to LB on a Thursday. Read about that here.

I went to school today, but I did not really do it because it’s mandatory. I came to pick up a few stuff I will be checking over the weekends. So you see, I am not actually that busy, but I am a bit busy in a sense. Maybe I am somewhere in between?

Anyway, I am so excited for next week. I will be again in the same state – busy but not busy. I won’t have to work, but I have so many places I have to be at next week. I have an interview here, a requirement submission here, and my Alma Mater’s February fair.

I don’t really care much about Valentine’s since I don’t like celebrating holidays and such, and I don’t really have a special someone, so I guess it doesn’t add up to the list of things I have to do. I have a mound of papers to check and record, grades to compute and students to talk to. Most importantly, I have a collection of anime, Jdramas and mangas to go over with. :3

I do think I’ll celebrate Valentine’s after all. My mom and dad asked the family to dine somewhere on the night of the 14th, just because we love dining out. 

So far, I think days like these I find my life more exciting than when I have to go to work. I will miss work though, since I have two weeks off. Oh, I have to prepare for the new lessons… I think I won’t miss it after all..

What about you guys? How’s your week going so far? Any plans for the weekend? I will be mostly checking formal meeting videos that my students just submitted. The topic is world domination, so I think this would be a really really funny weekend. I will be checking short stories from my other class as well. I checked a few, and mostly they’re love stories, which I don’t exactly like. Major Ewww.

Catch you guys later!


Random: Old School

Today I went back to my Alma Mater. I have been planning to go back for almost two weeks, and I was so excited for today. I did not however, had any plans in mind. I just knew I had to accomplish something – and that is getting my recommendation form from my former adviser because I needed it for my Master’s application. Besides that, I was freelancing baby.

So I did not do the usual thing I did when I went back to school. I usually wake up really early and leave the house in a rush. This time, I took my time preparing, and even had my make-up done (just the usual eyeliner and lip moisturizer with SPF). I also slathered a thicker chunk of SPF because I know how bad the weather could be.

UPLB’s weather is very unpredictable. It rains and shines in extremities. I decided to go for my usual comfy jeans and rubber shoes. I also donned a big polo, which my bother previously owned (it was oversized) and put it on top of a white spaghetti strap blouse. The outfit for the day was comfy – if it’s raining, I would have coverage; if it’s shining, I would have protection. (Sorry, did not get to take pics, was too busy chatting)

I went to Humanities department because that’s where I would find my former adviser. I found him in an instant and asking for a recommendation letter was a breeze. I was hoping to get it next week, but he finished it in like ten minutes. Thanks a lot, Sir. I was quite guilty that I did not bring anything like a cake or something for you. :x

My batchmate KG works as an instructor there, and we took time to talk. We talked while she checked her student’s papers. Yep, she’s a hardworker. We ate lunch at one of my favorite pasta houses. We had to part ways afterwards as she needed to get back to work. I needed to get back home soon because my sister might be waiting for me.

I bought a few stuff, but they’re mostly food my family miss me bringing. I did not fuss over what to buy because I plan on returning next week to finalize my Master’s application. That day, I would surely plan.

I guess I really missed school a lot because I kept looking around, wishing I had nine pairs of eyes to see if everything was as it was. It’s been a year, and I still get homesick. It has been my home for four years after all. I wish I had more time to just roam around the campus freely, but the campus is quite big, so it might be impossible for me to do it, even if I arrive there really early.

I did not see a lot of people I know, especially since most of my batchmates graduated. Some of the younger batches I knew were not there either. Partly my fault I guess, since I have not really informed anyone that I’d be visiting. I guess I am not prepared for people to see me just yet. I did not actually want to see so many people. I am quite okay with my life as a teacher, but I wanted more accomplishments in life. Enough to be back and say how great my school has molded into who I am now.

I’d be visiting again next week, but I won’t say when. I’ll come and go. I would plan some stuff, but I might be gone like a shadow.

This is just a random post. I think you guys probably have an idea of my next Worry of the Week.

Catch you guys later